Warren Friss – Business and Legal Field Developer

Warren FrissA professional that is able to not just work in an environment but also to develop it, shows mastery of the field. Warren Friss has developed best practices as general counsel at The Topps Company as well as developed business models. This combination makes him an asset to any client seeking legal or business assistance consulting, or legal counsel.

Warren Friss earned many of his legal skills and understanding on the development side from his time at The Topps Company and then expanded as he worked in different departments within that company. In addition to his legal work, Warren Friss developed the Topps Internet Division. After that, Warren Friss led the Sports & Entertainment Division. During his time in the Sports & Entertainment Division, he was responsible for the division’s profit and loss and all business functions. It was at this point that he was promoted to general counsel for The Topps Company.

After working at The Topps Company, he moved on to work at Ingram. The experiences he gained there allowed him to help take departments to the next level which makes him skilled on many different levels. The ability to grow a department from nothing as well as develop one into a thriving state from a lesser state is beneficial for all involved. Warren Friss is delighted to bring these skills to Ingram as well as the clients that count on Ingram for their legal needs.


Warren Friss grows into accomplished attorney

Warren FrissAttorney, entrepreneur and senior business executive Warren Friss only dreamed of career successes when he began his studies at State University of New York at Albany in 1981. This 1985 graduate of the SUNY school completed his Bachelor of Science in English, history and political science, turning the tassel with the designation of Magna Cum Laude. He continued onto the University of Pennsylvania Law School, earning his Juris Doctorate in 1988 before moving into a career in law. Over the next 25 years, Warren Friss grew as an accomplished attorney and professional. He began in the field with Shea & Gould before a first tenure with Ingram Yuzek Gainen Carroll & Bertolotti, LLP in New York City from 1989 to 1995. Following many years with The Topps Company and other endeavors, he returned to the firm in 2012 as a managing partner where he continues to serve clients today.

Former Topps Counsel Warren Friss is a Top Corporate Attorney

Warren FrissThere are many reasons why Warren Friss is considered a different kind of corporate attorney, even though he is a partner and head of the corporate division of one of the top corporate firms in New York City, Ingram Yuzek Gainen Carroll & Bertolotti, LLP, known better by its nickname, Ingram. He really does stand out from an incredibly impressive lineup of corporate attorneys in a city where you can’t take two steps without running into a corporate lawyer.

You see, Warren Friss has a particular specialty that gives him an edge on several levels, and serves as the primary reason he is in demand and has clients nationwide. He has been able to master the very unique area of sports law. In his past, he was the general counsel for Topps Company, the largest sports card and memorabilia company in the world. He has worked with leagues, players’ associations and many sports-related consumer product companies and he has shown himself capable of getting the best licensing, sponsorship and promotional deals possible. Warren is also considered to be an elite attorney in the areas of intellectual property and personality rights issues and matters.

A Profile of Warren Friss, Sports Attorney

Warren Friss

One reason Warren Friss is so good at his specialty of dealing with legal matters on behalf of sports figures may be due to innate ability and his experience working with sports leagues, players’ associations and consumer product companies on matters having to do with licensing, sponsorships and promotions, personality rights and intellectual property matters. Whenever a player, a team or a business related to sports is faced with a legal issue, Warren Friss is a great choice for legal help because he can usually get excellent results.

Warren Friss has thus far had a distinguished career. Not only is it well into its third decade, but it is also varied. He has often proven himself to be one of the best corporate attorneys anywhere, which is why he is a partner with one of the best corporate law firms in New York, Ingram Yuzek Gainen Carroll & Bertolotti, LLP (Ingram). He is the managing partner for the firm’s corporate practice, where he represents companies and other organizations of all shapes and sizes and in both the public and private sectors.

In his current position, Warren Friss manages a talented group of attorneys who do the same things he does for other corporate clients. One reason he is so good is due to his high level of skill and experience. It is that experience and knowledge that allows him to provide every client with the best possible legal counsel in virtually every area of corporate law, including complex matters such as contract negotiation, business formation and regulatory compliance. He also has completed a number of mergers and acquisitions, private placements, joint ventures and strategic alliances.

Warren Friss is a Great Corporate Attorney

Over the course of a career that is well into its third decade, Warren Friss has shown himself to be one of the best corporate attorneys in the business. He is a partner with Ingram Yuzek Gainen Carroll & Bertolotti, LLP (Ingram) in New York City. Ingram is one of the finest law firms in a city where a great many top law firms operate.

As the managing partner for Ingram’s corporate practice, Warren Friss represents companies and other organizations in both the private and public sectors and he oversees a stable of attorneys who do the same for other corporate clients. His high level of skill allows him to provide the best possible legal counsel in virtually every area of corporate law, including such complex matters as contract negotiation, business formation and regulatory compliance, mergers and acquisitions, private placements, joint ventures and strategic alliances.

Warren Friss‘ career experience is more varied than most corporate attorneys. In addition to private practice, he has also served as the general counsel to a public company, as well as as a senior executive with a very large private-sector company. It is his wide and varied experience that gives him the ability to guide client businesses and executive to the best possible outcome in every legal matter, and to so so in the most cost-efficient manner possible. By providing his clients with legal services that feature a unique business-minded approach, he is able to use the skills he has developed over his 25-year career to get the best results for every one of them.